Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats many conditions, from depression to back pain. As a totally holistic system of healing, TCM addresses physical, emotional and mental issues, as it has done for thousands of years, dealing with both the cause and effect of pain and treating the person and not the disease. Based on the principle that we contain and are one with the energy or life force of the Universe – or Qi – TCM offers powerful and natural solutions for health. Acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny needles through the skin at specific points to influence the flow of Qi, throughout the body. Many complaints have been proven through clinical trials to respond well to treatment with acupuncture (see website).

Tui Na is a system of massage and medical manipulation, or physiotherapy, which deals with all kinds of musculoskeletal issues and injuries, as well as increasing feelings of well being and relaxation. Tui Na massage is mostly administered with patients remaining fully clothed.

Treatment : 45 min / 60 min / 90 min


During Hypnotherapy, a deep state of relaxation is induced, enabling access to the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can help many conditions, including anxiety, addiction, fears and phobias. It is widely used to increase confidence and self esteem and help with sports performance and weight management. We also offer regression therapy – issues we struggle with in the present can be the result of something that happened to us in the past (usually as a child) or even in a past life – hypnotherapy can allow access to whatever this was and a solution to resolve it.

Treatment : 60 min / 90 min

Spiritual Counselling

Healing happens when people feel empowered to manage their own lives, whatever the circumstances. Essentially, people heal themselves and the role of the Spiritual Counsellor is to encourage healing, understanding and emotional release. This is done in a number of ways and will depend entirely on the needs of the client – sessions may involve talking, or a more creative expression of the issue at hand or the use of a healing intervention using sound therapy or EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ).

Treatment : 60 min / 90 min

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is not about telling you what to do – it is about asking you the right questions so that you can make the most of your opportunities, time and finances; improve your lifestyle, love life and family relationships; manage stress and become more effective – and it is about giving you support so you can fulfil your potential and live a more balanced life. It can be as simple as one session, to give you a way to improve time management, or it can be a series of sessions to address a number of issues. Support is continued outside of sessions, via email.

Treatment : 60 min / 90 min

Treatment Costs

45 min session £45
60 min session £55
90 min session £75