Soul Plan – Understanding the energies of your Life’s Purpose

Many people don’t know what they really want from life, or they may be basically happy but feel they could be more fulfilled, although they don’t know how.

Others face the same challenges over and over again, unable to progress or attain success with relationships, health or career.

There is a way to address these issues; to understand how to use your talents or strengths to overcome the challenges you face in life and to achieve your goals. A Soul Plan reading identifies the specific energies that make up your life, giving you a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul’s purpose.

Based on an ancient concept that assigns a numerical value to the letters of the alphabet, the Soul Plan system uses the sound vibration of your birth name to identify the energies that may be causing problems in your life, as well as the areas where you are most likely to be successful. Soul Plan can be helpful when used to resolve relationship problems and is also a useful tool when considering a name change, or choosing a name for a business.

Readings available in person, or via Skype or telephone.

  • Soul Plan Reading ………………..      £65  Soul Plan chart with analysis for 1 person
  • Soul Plan with Overlay ……………    £75  incorporating any name changes (i.e. married name)
  • Name Optimisation ………………     £75  for personal or business name (up to 5 names)
  • Relationship Reading ………………  £90  the 2 basic Soul Plan energies with interactions

” What I learned is what I internally feel about myself but do not show outwardly! The reading has given me belief to trust my instincts and act on them. Betty was fantastic throughout the process – the information was delivered in a positive manner and I was offered support post-session. Betty coached me to come up with my own solutions, which empowered me to move forward. “

– DK – Group Fitness Manager

” The reading was remarkably accurate and so well orchestrated that I felt Betty was taking me through my own life journey – very powerful stuff! There was no ‘hocus-pocus” vibe, just very helpful information and a non-judgemental atmosphere.”

– MDJ – Personal Trainer