Full moon August 2013

Full Moon August 2013

Transition! Stepping away from the familiar to pastures new.
The sky is so interesting just now – the Aquarius moon is a Blue Moon (second full moon in the same month) and a Super Moon (the closest the moon ever gets to the earth) and gives the ability to be objective in assessing our relationships with others; the focus and passion to pursue our goals; the offer of freedom with the understanding that we must work together for the benefit of humanity. The Leo sun highlights our sense of self, creativity and the power to take responsibility for our actions. Now is the time to take decisions, for communication and adjustment with others about creative projects, children, renovations or moving house – but more than this, is the opportunity to heal something connected to these things; family, property and where or how we feel security in our lives. A wound is opened somewhere and may be precipitated by something shocking or unexpected – or perhaps a situation will provoke an unexpected reaction? This is happening on a karmic level, as the moon moves into Pisces today, revealing artistic, spiritual or romantic needs – A wake up call! Past karma equals powerful magnetism, so that even when dark, may seem more comfortable than the unknown – which is actually freedom.
Stuck emotional energy needs to be released and this cannot happen until we take ownership of all that we are and healing happens. Parts of ourselves that we avoid or deny are often projected onto those we love and thus we experience these parts through conflict with others. When we let go of everything we keep that is holding us back, we can define who we truly are. When we let go of possessions, relationships, emotions that we no longer need, we free ourselves to become who we truly are.
Transformation! ‘Energy flows where attention goes’ – the key to manifesting this full moon energy, to make things happen, to change our lives for the better, to realign with our Soul Purpose is awareness.
Venus in Libra is shining from the heavens, maintaining and supporting an atmosphere of harmony and balance as we emerge from our karmic cocoons! More than this, we can work through our full moon transformation with something even more amazing and blessed – GRACE.

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