About Us

White Tree Holistic provides counselling, coaching and healing. We believe that good health results from balancing the Body with the Mind and the Soul.

Everything is Energy

Subatomic particles are not solid – they are vibrating frequencies of pure energy. As human beings, we are not just made of this energy – we are energy! When the flow of this energy becomes unbalanced or blocked for any reason, illness and disease are the result. The causes may be external ( viruses, physical trauma or injury, environmental ) or internal, from emotions.


Your treatment protocol will be tailored to your individual needs and may involve one or several different therapies – this does not mean additional cost, as clients pay for the treatment sessions and not the therapy. All treatment is fully discussed and agreed with clients as we believe that the understanding and acceptance of your therapy is fundamental┬áto the healing process.

What We Treat

We offer solutions for:
Shoulder & neck tension & pain
Back pain
Knee pain
RSI & carpal tunnel
Headache & migraine
Sports injuries
Relationship problems
Bereavement or unresolved grief
Work stress
Limiting beliefs
Negative behaviour patterns
Low self esteem
Anxiety or stress
Low energy or fatigue
Weight management

And more …….. Please contact us to discuss your needs.